Summer Hours At The Robbers Library

by Sue Halpern (2018) October 2022 As you stand amid the rubble that was once your perfect life, what you always wanted and worked hard for, you wonder: what just happened here? Do I cry? Scream? Drown my sorrows in wine or Haagen-Dazs, or both? Leave the country?...

Books: A Memoir

by Larry McMurtry (2008) September 2022 Someone has to say it: Larry McMurtry was an over-achiever! ONE successful career is enough for most people, but not for McMurtry, who died in 2021. He’s most widely known for his popular books and other written materials about...

Senior Book Break August 2022

Subject: Subject: Books loaned or given to you by friends  The Last Thing He Told Me: by Laura Dave This book was received from our reader’s daughter. A husband disappears, but leaves a note for his wife to take care of her stepdaughter. The teenager does not like her...

If I Could Keep You Little

There is a balance between letting your child grow up and cherishing the moments they are in. Today on Story Time with Darlene listen to the story If I Could Keep You Little written and illustrated by Marianne R. Richmond. Follow along here.

Some Babies

Momma is more tired than baby, who wants to hear about other babies. Today on Story Time with Darlene listen to the story “Some Babies” written and illustrated by Amy Schwartz. Follow along here.