Senior Book Break

Senior Book Break is not your typical book club. Instead of requiring everyone to read the same book, we gather for good conversation about different books, authors, and genres. 

Each month we read books on a theme, and discussions take us all over the literary map. If you enjoy reading, this is the book club for you. We discuss books in a casual setting over coffee and refreshments, and most of us leave with a new book or two on our “to-read” list. 

If you enjoy good conversations about books in a fun atmosphere, this is the group for you!

Join us for Senior Book Break the second Tuesday of every month at 10:30 am. Coffee and refreshments provided. Grover Beach Community Library, 240 N. Ninth St. Grover Beach 



Senior Book Break January 2024

Senior Book Break January 2024 Subject: Engineering Ancient Inventions by Petr James and Nick Thorpe The technological and scientific achievements of humankind prior to the late 15th century.  Such as: odometer from China about 300 A.D., snorkel gear as described by...

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Senior Book Break November 2023

Subject: Australia and New Zealand In A Sunburned Country by Bill Bryson One of America’s premier humorous writers looks down under. Eighty percent of flora and fauna of this island continent are not located naturally any other place on earth. He reports that this...

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Senior Book Break October 2023

Senior Book Break October 10, 2023 Subject: Memoirs Books: A Memoir by Larry McMurtry Mr. McMurtry was born in 1936 and grew up without books until a cousin gave him his ‘library’ of 19 books when he enlisted in the military. He began buying books to read and went on...

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Senior Book Break September

September  12, 2023 Subject: Science Fiction The Steps or The Sun by Walter Tevis The US is still a sovereign country, but everything is owned by the Chinese.  The world is running out of Uranium, electricity is rationed, and it is cold.  The world’s richest man buys...

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Senior Book Break- May 9, 2023

Subject:  A book set in Europe Stella Bain by Anita Shreve An American woman is found suffering from shell shock in a garden in London. A surgeon and his wife agree to take her in. She cannot remember anything prior to four months earlier when she was found wounded on...

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Senior Book Break, April 11, 2023

 Subject:  Research or a book that you enjoyed on a rainy day The sun was shining and several who had stayed home during the rainy weather returned.  Everyone had read during the rains and our reviews ranged from what we had read to what we intended to read, local...

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Senior Book Break March 14, 2023

Subject:  Research or a book that led you to research something Lessons In Chemistry by Bonnie Garmus Elizabeth Zott is a brilliant chemist who is put in charge of a chemistry department in a large company. Some men would not accept a woman in a position above theirs,...

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