General Fiction

Our fiction collection has the latest bestsellers, perennial favorites, old standbys, and much more besides. It’s especially strong on mysteries, but has plenty to choose from in other genres as well!

Large Print

We have a significant number of books available in large print. They’re mostly fiction, with a few non-fiction titles mixed in. You don’t have to strain your eyes to read a good book!

General Non-Fiction

Our non-fiction collection has something for everyone: history, philosophy, art, science, religion, politics, cooking, gardening, health and medicine, and a wide selection of biographies.

Young Adult

Discover our section for teen, tween, and young adults! Here you’ll find a wide selection of books aimed at those of high school age (more or less).

Kids’ Korner

Come browse through our section aimed at children and young readers! We have both fiction and non-fiction, as well as books for toddlers and beginning readers.

California History

Come explore our California history section! We have a variety of books on the history of California in general and the Central Coast in particular, including many hard to find ones. Unfortunately, due to the difficulty we would have in replacing them, these books are restricted to use within the library only and can’t be checked out.


Our classics section consists of those special books which have withstood the test of time. Come reconnect with old literary friends, or find something you may have missed and would enjoy!