Pete the Cat: Pete at the Beach

Pete the Cat is one groovy cat at finding shells and building sandcastles at the beach. But when it gets too hot, there’s only one way to cool off—jump into the ocean! Except Pete might be a scaredy-cat when it comes to the water. Today on Story Time with Darlene,...

The Halloween Cat

Dora the Explorer and Boots find a lost cat on Halloween. Will they get the cat home in time for the big Halloween party? Today on Story Time with Darlene, listen to the story “The Halloween Cat!” written by Christine Ricci. Follow along here.

The Perfect Nest

Jack the cat is building the perfect nest. It’s bound to attract the perfect chicken, who will lay the perfect egg, which will make the perfect omelet. And sure enough, a chicken shows up (“¡Caramba!”), but so do a duck (“Sacré bleu!”) and a...

Have You Seen My Cat

A little boy worries about his missing cat and travels to different places in search of his pet. Today on Story Time with Darlene listen to the story Have You Seen my Cat written and illustrated by Eric Carle. Follow along here.  

Cat Count

What? Wait? How many cats? Today on Story Time with Darlene listen to the story Cat Count written by Betsy Lewin and illustrated by Isabella Kung. Follow along here.