October 12, 2021

Subject: Ghosts, the Supernatural and the Unexplained

Before we started someone asked where we kept our books and the majority answered everywhere, on the shelf, on the floor, on the chair, on the bed.  So, if you ever have a home invasion, clobber them with a book.

We also welcomed a new member who added to our enjoyment of books.

Murder in the Cards by Tony Piazza

Tony Piazza is a local author and the subject of one of our Meet the Authors events.  This book takes place at Hearst Castle in the 1930’s.  After writing a book about the Grand Canyon the author goes home to Los Angeles. He meets W. R. Hearst and is invited to visit his castle.  Of course, he accepts the invitation.  This delves into Noir fiction and involves a séance on Halloween.  You have to read it to find out what and who.

This book is in the Local Author section of the Grover Beach Community Library.

Something in the Shadows by Mary Mead

The latest book from another local author.  Like her other books this takes place in Monarch Grove, California. As with her other books this is a fun read.  Think carefully, you might recognize some places. It’s fun to guess and you will wait for the next chapter.

This book is in the Local Author section of the Grover Beach Community Library.

The Ghost Ships of Arizona by David Leadbeater

Imagine attempting to find a lost pirate galleon in the Arizona desert with a treasure hoard.  Somehow an attempt to destroy the electric grid on the West Coast is involved.  How does it all come together?  Do they find the treasure, and save the West Coast?

Aunt Dimity, Detective by Nancy Atherton

The first of the series about Aunt Dimity.  Our reader found them short, a cozy read, a touch of the paranormal and very prolific.  There are over 20 of them.  They remind her of James Thurber or P. G. Wodehouse.  Just the right thing for total enjoyment.  Aunt Dimity is paranormal and in the series travels the world, Sounds like a trip.

The Grover Beach Community Library as two of this series in the fiction section

The Nectar of Grace by Swami Govinda Tirtha

Mathematician Omar Khayyam’s life and work. This was written in four languages, Arabic, Farsi, Sanskrit and English. The chapters are short and each page of this book pertains to a chapter and each page has all four languages. Several chapters were read to us and were very philosophical. I believe our reader knew the author when he lived in India and has read it several times.  It was published in 1941.

The Cases That Haunt Us by John Douglas and Mark Olshaker

John Douglas is a profiler and tells of cases unsolved throughout history. Our reader read the Jon Benet Ramsey case first as it was remembered. The case was a comedy of errors and the crime scene was compromised from the very first. By the time the real professional crime fighters managed to arrive it was too late.  Douglas was brought in and interviewed Mr. and Mrs. Ramsey extensively. His conclusion was that both were innocent. They are no longer living, and to this day no one has any idea what actually happened, except that a young, beautiful child was murdered.

This book is in the nonfiction section 360 at the Grover Beach Community Library

Daughter of the Morning Star by Craig Johnson

This is the latest of the Longmire series by Johnson.  A TV series was done and the two main characters, Walt Longmire and Henry Standing Bear, are true to character in both, with the people around them different. This book takes in more Native American lore with Longmires long dead friend, Lonnie White Buffalo, making his mystical appearances and leaving his calling card, a Mallo Cup candy bar wrapper. There is a Cbeyenne teen girl who disappeared a year before, and Walt is called in to investigate. Henry goes along to translate. The girl’s sister is now having a problem and all are afraid something will happen to her.  An evil spirit group, translated as “The Wandering Without” appears and Walt and Henry must deal with them while saving the sister.

This book is being donated to the Grover Beach Community Library and will be on the shelf soon.

Next Meeting: November 9, 2021 at the Grover Beach Community Library, 240 North 9th Street, Grover Beach.  Time: 10:30 a.m.  We will have coffee or tea again.

Subject:  Discovery and Inventions: Hint: Discovery of anything new, lands included, and how and who came up with new inventions, and did they help.