Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have public internet computers?
No, we do not.

Do you offer WiFi access?
Yes. You will need to bring your own device to connect to our wireless network.
Are you part of the Black Gold library system? Are you part of the San Luis Obispo City/County library system?
No, we are an independent library run by volunteers and funded through private donations.
I have a library card at another library. Can I use it here?
No, you'll have to get a library card from us in order to check out books at the Grover Beach Community Library.
How do I get a library card?
Bring photo ID with your current address to the library and fill out an application. If your photo ID doesn't have your current address, then you'll need to bring some sort of official document to show that you live in the area the library serves.
Do I have to live in Grover Beach to get a library card?
No, we also serve neighboring communities, and even if you live farther away, you may still be able to get a library card if a job or other commitment frequently brings you to the area.
How much does a library card cost?
Nothing! We are a free library.
Can I return books from your library at another library?
No, all items checked out from the Grover Beach Community Library must be returned to us.
Can I return books from another library at your library?
No, we can't check in items from any other libraries.
When will my books be due?
Books are due 3 weeks after they're checked out.
Can I renew my books?
Yes. Books can be renewed once by phone, and can be renewed additional times if they're brought to the library.
What's the fine for overdue books?
We charge $0.10 per book for each day that a book is overdue, excluding days that the library is closed.
What's the fine for a lost book?
$10 for a children's book, $20 for adult fiction, and $25 for adult non-fiction.
Are you near public transit?
Yes! We're located next to Ramona Garden Park, which serves as a transfer point for South County Area Transit bus routes 21, 22, 23, and 24.