Special Storytime Guest Reader
August 14, 2017

Meet Heather Houston. Heather was one of our eager readers in the Youth Summer Reading Program, finishing a total of 18 books -- 3 times the amount needed to win a prize! Heather then donated the books she read to our library because she wanted other readers to have a chance to enjoy them the way she had.

Recently, at the library's regular Storytime, Heather took the plunge and read out loud to a group for her first time! Heather is pictured here, with our dedicated children's librarian Maria Dowdy, finding her voice as she reads to others.

We look forward to helping your child become a library superstar, just like Heather.

Summer Reading Program Successfully Concludes
July 26, 2017

The Grover Beach Community Library recently completed another successful Summer Reading Program with seventeen youngsters having read a total of 133 books, and those who read six books in six weeks were duly rewarded with a gift certificate from In-N-Out Burger. The youngest reader was five years old and the oldest was 15. A seven-year-old girl had the honor of reading eighteen books, the most of any reader. Barbara Nicolls, Library Volunteer and coordinator of the program said, “Since the beginning of this program in 2010, this summer was the most successful we have ever had. We are so proud of our readers!” Nicolls went on to describe that beginning readers read illustrated books, then books become more difficult for readers depending upon their age: story books, chapter books and for some advanced readers, young adult classics such as Robinson Crusoe.

May is Fine Free Month!

Do you have a book from the Grover Beach Community Library that's been under your bed for the last three years? If so, now's the time to bring it in! During the month of May, overdue books from the Grover Beach Community Library can be returned and the fines waived as long as the book is still in acceptable condition. Remember: this only applies to books from the Grover Beach Community Library, and they must be returned to our library.

Can't find the book? Dog ate the first chapter? Don't despair! Even though this program only applies to overdue fines and not those for lost or damaged books, contact the library and we'll by happy to discuss how you can get your account back in good standing.

New Storage Shed

Susan Glass, a volunteer for the Grover Beach Community Library, found a place to donate some of her recent inheritance: a much needed storage shed for the library.

Fresh and New!

Thanks to the generous grant from County Supervisor Adam Hill, we just completed a month long refurbishment of the front lobby and the Teen Read section of the library. We covered up the old paneling, plaster coated all the walls and painted them a fresh sage green. When you come to the library again, just look for the new red door. We upgraded all the woodwork in the lobby which gives it a bright and friendly appearance for all. It’s a much more lively place to choose a book, meet a friend and work.

We are offering the same great programs as we did before we closed. Reading 2 Rover for children that have reading issues is still offered weekly on Wednesday afternoons at 3:00. Every Monday morning at 10:30 am is Children’s Storybook Time with several of our wonderful volunteer readers. If one of the local teachers wishes to have a class tour and reading experience, it can be arranged by calling the library at 481-4131.

The Senior Book Break is really having a great time discussing genres of their choosing. While the library was closed they met at a local coffee shop so they did not have to miss a single meeting. They will continue with their current choice of genre, as posted in the library, every second Tuesday of the month at 10:30 am. If a senior is interested or you know a senior that would enjoy and benefit from this group, give us a call. We can help with transportation issues.